Authentically BeYOUtiful podcast setup

A new podcast setup! Today we have the Authentically BeYOUtiful podcast.

Tell us about your podcast

A podcast that focuses on real talk and real advice about growing up and showing up as our best authentic version of ourselves. We invite you to come along on this journey as we dive deep into the conversations about authenticity and learn to embrace our imperfections to feel a little more fulfilled, balanced, and beYOUtiful inside and out.

What microphone do you use to record the podcast?

  • Virtual set up: Toner Computer TC-777
  • Non-virtual set up: Marantz Pro MPM1000

Toner Computer TC-777 Review: The sound quality is clear and crisp. We started using this microphone to accommodate our virtual set up. So far, it is working great and serves the purpose for what we need it for.
Marantz Pro MPM1000 Review: We used this microphone in a non-virtual set up, which worked alright. The sound quality is not as loud unless you are speaking directly into the microphone. Sometimes, it sounds like you are talking from a distance.

What software do you use to record the podcast?

Zoom recording for our virtual set up, Garage Band for a non-virtual set up.

Where are you hosting your podcast?


Anything else you want to say about your podcast setup?

We will record in a quiet spot to eliminate background noise. We will also try not to mute / unmute since sometimes that causes delay when conducting a virtual call.


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