Plum Forest Podcast Setup

Welcome to our weekly podcast setups section. This week we are very happy to present you the Plum Forest Podcast Setup.

Tell us about your podcast

The Plum Forest Podcast are modernized versions of classical Chinese fables and short stories. We take classical Chinese short stories, from 400 BCE all the way up to 1800 CE, and translate them into a version that is easier to listen to for a modern listener. We base the plot around the original story but it has modern situations, like a temple will be turned into a mall and so on.

What microphone do you use to record the podcast?

I use an Audio Technica AT 2005USB on a boom arm with an aftermarket shock mount and pop filter.

I like this microphone. It came in a pack with headphones and boom arm which got me going for with what I needed.. This one is set up for podcasting and vocal recordings which is exactly what I’m doing. It’s got a great pick up for voices and doesn’t pick up too much background noise. And as a beginner to audio recording, it has both the USB and XLR port so that’ll make it great when I finally upgrade to using XLR. This is a great microphone to get started where it has the range for recording great for a decent price. Great beginner microphone.

What software do you use to record the podcast?

I use the latest version of Audacity (2.4.1).

Where are you hosting your podcast?

I host my podcast with Libsyn.

Anything else you want to say about your podcast setup?

I started a few months back and originally used my laptop for everything as my significant other was using my PC for their work. Once we were able to get their work computer home, I began using the laptop for recording while all editing and post-production is done on the PC. A USB thumb drive is amazing for this.


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