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"This is one of the best apps for podcasters. There's no other viable way to keep track of reviews in so many places, and the countries ranking keeps me engaged and motivated for sure!"

Phil Pallen



"Podstatus has become a must-have tool in my podcasting strategy. Every day I am aware of the impact of my podcasts thanks to the updates in the rankings and reviews. Right now, I wouldn't know how to podcast without podstatus."

Victor Correal



"My favourite podcasting monitoring tool, where I track not only my podcast but all the podcasts in our podcast network, having a daily control of the rankings and reviews."

Enoch Martínez



"Podstatus has become the most important tool to track the performance of the podcasts of our network. It helps us to show our advertisers the impact of the podcasts they are advertising on and reduce the time we need to track user's comments to stablish a conversation with them."

José Carlos Cortizo


"If you would like to know how your show is ranking, Podstatus is your answer. It adds a new level of inspiration and motivation to become a bigger show to impact more people. My goal is to be top 10 worldwide under Entrepreneurship category, before Podstatus, I had no idea how I was performing in the market, am I reaching my goal or not. Now with Podstatus, I get an automated email when I rank. When I ranked #138 in Canada, it blew my mind and I started working harder on my show. I highly recommend Podstatus."

Shahid Durrani


"Podstatus has become the perfect assistant to have control over my rankings and reviews in many countries and podcatchers. Every day I get a report in my email inbox that would have cost me hours of hard work."

Pol Rodriguez


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